Xbox 360 Ring of Death Fix

Fix That Xbox Red Ring Of Death!

Your Xbox 360 has just gone weird. Then suddenly you realize that you see different red lights blinking on your console. The next thing you know there are 3 red flashing lights.

Very familiar? Many Xbox 360 users can attest to having this common problem sometimes referred to as the Red Ring of Death. Fortunately, you can usually fix it yourself at home in under an hour with the right knowledge and tools – which is usually a much preferable option compared to sending it to Sony and paying over $150 dollars (plus waiting several weeks for it to be returned to you!).

The Red Ring of Death requires what is known as the “Red Ring of Death Fix.” The number of lights you see blinking on the console give you an insight on the nature of the problem. The Red Ring of Death is unique in that your console ether has a code error or has a hardware error.

A common cause of the Red Ring of Death is overheating. Overheating is also attributed to the structure of the Xbox which makes it prone to too much heat production. Long gaming hours also can cause overheating.

Prior to doing a Red Ring of Death Fix, you need to cool down the hardware. Leave the console alone for several hours to fully cool down. The next step is to disconnect it from all power sources. All attached devices and equipment also have to be removed. Once the console is detached from all external devices and power sources and it has fully cooled down, then you can continue the Red Ring of Death fix.

You will next need to remove the cover of the console. When opening the cover of the console, the user must be warned that doing so will make your warranty void. However, if you remove the covering of the console you can clear the device of dirt that may be the suspect of the problem. Aside from that, wiring problems can be easily detected especially like loose wires or damages and burnt wires. Clean the cover of the console with a damp cloth so that the dust and other particles could be removed.

Also dusting the device with a duster or a piece of cloth may help in repairing the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death.  Focus on the CPU, the motherboard and the GPU of the Xbox 360 as these parts, when accumulated with dust generates more heat causing overheating. The gaps of the consoles should also be paid attention and cleaned as they are pathways that ventilate the Xbox and allows release of heat coming from inside.

When you are doing a Xbox 360 Red Ring of Light Fix, you may be worried lest you are doing the wrong thing. It is true that one needs a technical expertise in order to understand the underlying parts and of the Xbox. Also all that the user really wants is to get the Xbox working again and not on what each part does.

If this is the case, don’t be afraid to consult a Red Ring of Light Fix Repair Guide. Numerous guides exists from other co-users of the Xbox and as well as from the internet. The internet also has various tips that may help you in fixing your Xbox.

Videos, especially those tutorials that give you a step by step instruction are easy to understand and easy to follow. They range from the familiarization of the internal parts of the console up to the fixing of your Xbox. The best part of these tutorials is that they are made with the knowledge that the user is at home. This means that all the tools that you need are right there at your home. You do not need technical expertise to be able to follow what they do. Also there are manuals with pictures which give step by step detailed and precise explanations on what to do next. The clear presentations ought to help you even if you have no technical or mechanical knowledge regarding the Xbox 360.

Nearly all these guides come with a full 60 day money back guarantee if they don’t work, so you really have nothing to lose by purchasing one. In no time at all your Xbox will be alive and kicking again not to mention that you have proven your ability to fix your Xbox 360 yourself. Plus the next time you experience a problem, you will find loads of useful information in many of these guides which will help you fix future problems as well! Click Here to Fix Your Xbox 360 Today!